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Amazing Spaces and Places

Our investigation of the British Isles went very well and the children worked hard to complete flyers promoting their favourite places. This work is currently being used to make a class display...

We are moving on to studying the 7 Continents of the world and suggest some ideas to encourage children to explore further:

  • Collect stickers from the fruit and vegetables that we eat and investigate these countries on Google Maps or blow the dust off that family atlas.
  • Talk about your family and where different family members might have visited or originate from
  • Pick up a travel brochure from the travel agents and explore the maps and locations within. We are creating a travel agents in Owls class and the children will have brochures, booking forms and stamps to complete holdiay destination requests. Happy exploring!
We will soon be visiting amazing places without leaving the comfort of the school grounds. Atlases will be fully studied and your children will learn some great songs.