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Half termly project

Year 1 Autumn 1 half term project -   to be completed by Tuesday 5th November

Design a vehicle for a superhero. Remember to include some special features. For example jet powered head lights or supersonic lasers.

You can draw or paint a picture, make a collage, build a model. Be as creative as you like. We look forward to seeing your finished projects. Have fun!

Spring term

To be completed by - Tuesday 26th February

This half term we are learning about Castles. We have learnt about the parts of a castle as well as looking at castles across the United Kingdom. We have talked about the design of castles and the types of people that might have lived in a castle.

Your challenge is to design an information poster about castles.

You can choose what you would like to include and how to present the information. You might like to include, drawings, diagrams and facts.