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Autumn 2

Maths challenge to be completed by Friday 8th December.

In class we have been looking at addition and subtraction number families.





Can you make some number families?

Challenge yourself to use larger numbers.


Maths challenge to be completed by Friday 24th November.

Practise counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10.

Can you count forwards and backwards in these steps?

Challenge yourself; count in steps of 3.

Maths Challenge to be completed by Friday 17th November

I challenge you to count in 10's from different numbers both forwards and backwards. Try writing the numbers down. What do you notice about these numbers? Can you explain how many tens and how many ones are in each number?

Challenge yourself to see how high you can go. How high can you go?


Maths challenge to be completed by Friday 10th November.

I challenge you to make a 3D shape using straws or small sticks.  Think carefully about how many faces and vertices it has. What shape will you make?  The choice is yours. 

 You can challenge yourself further by making more than one shape.