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Duckling News

Day One

Today we welcomed 5 new arrivals in Year Two. 


We are now the proud carers of 5 duckling eggs.


The children were very excited to greet the eggs and to learn all about their incubator and how we look after the eggs and keep them safe.


For the next two weeks we will be caring for, learning and writing all about our feathered friends and we would like to share our experiences with you each day on this page.

Check in at the end of each day to find out what adventures we have had.


The Year Two Team


Day Two

Today the children have written a diary entry. They were excited to see that three of our duckling eggs have little cracks in them.

Here are some of our diary entries for today, we hope you enjoy them.

Day Three


Today we became the very proud carers of 2 extremely cute ducklings. They finally hatched late this morning and early this afternoon. The children were so excited to meet them and some of them were lucky enough to actually witness one of them hatching.

We can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.


Here are some pictures of the happy occasion.




    Day Four


We we arrived in school this morning to find that our ducklings had dried out and were looking very cute and fluffy. We are still waiting for 3 of the eggs to hatch and are keeping our fingers crossed that they arrive safely over the weekend.


This morning we moved our lovely fluffy ducklings into their posh new cage. They like their new home and have spent the day getting to know it very well. The ducklings have been keeping us all entertained with their chirping, cheeping and cute running around their new home. Both of them have been extremely noisy today unless someone is talking to them, we think they like visitors. They have learnt to eat from their food trough and drink from their water butt. They still haven’t mastered sleeping under their heat lamp but we are sure it won’t take too long.

Over the weekend the ducklings have gone for a little holiday with Mrs Ross and the remaining eggs are holidaying with Mrs Banks.


Here are some pictures of our chatty ducklings.


Day Five


Well our two fluffy ducklings have doubled to four lovely ducklings. We are happy to report that over the weekend two of our three remaining eggs hatched. They had a very busy weekend and had some great adventures with Mrs Ross.They made some new friends, had a snooze on the sofa (being a duckling is hard work), tried to use an iPad, and had their first splash in the bath.





Still image for this video

Our ducklings returned from their adventure this morning and the fun continued for them and us. We had a great time with the ducklings in the hall where they had a lovely run around and amazed us all at how fast they were. They have also entertained us with their happy chirping, they are very noisy ducklings indeed!



Day Six


Well we have had another fun filled day today. Our ducklings came out to play and had a jolly good splash.

Even some of us got wet! They were very daring swimming on top of the water as well as diving down to the bottom of the tub. We were all amazed to watch them and see how clever our cute little ducklings are.

Once they were back in their cage they had a good old shake and a snuggle up together under the heater to get themselves warm and dry.

We can’t wait to see what they will get up to tomorrow.


Still image for this video

Day Seven


Today we voted for the names of our ducklings. There were some very interesting contenders on the list but using our democratic skills we managed to reduce this down to the four most popular names. Those that were voted for the most were:


Lucky Ducky


Little Quacker




We also weighed Dave, Lucky Ducky, Bella and Little Quacker to see how much they had grown since last week. The children made estimates on their weight and gave reasons for their estimates. We were quite surprised at the results. One of the ducklings didn’t enjoy being weighed and we very nearly had a duck on the loose running for freedom!


Day Eight


Today we were very lucky and we each had a cuddle with our precious but rapidly growing ducklings. The children were extremely excited and each held two of the ducklings. The Badgers held Bella and Lucky Ducky whilst the Owls held Dave and Little Quacker. The children were very responsible even when Lucky Ducky tried to escape a few times. He was very fidgety indeed. After a busy morning being cuddled and fussed over the ducklings snuggled and caught up on some sleep.