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EAL learning activities

In Year 2 let’s practice and perfect our knowledge of tenses. The activities below will help strengthen our understanding. Have fun!


Look at the examples of the Grammar Rule for using tenses correctly in our sentences.


Click on the game tab below the grammar rule and play the colour grouping game about regular and irregular past tense verbs.


Look at the reference card on the link below, it will help you further understand how to use the correct past tense verbs.


Try this activity to check your understanding on the link below.


The answers can be found on this link.


I hope you found these activities helpful.


One of my favourite books is Winnie the Witch by Valerie Thomas, she has many adventures and likes talking about them.


Click on the link below to hear the story, it has a lot of past tense verbs. See if you can spot them, perhaps shout them out when you hear them or write them down. Test your knowledge on how many you have spotted.



Fun activity – Discussion point

Look at pictures of yourself when you were a baby and compare them to how you are now. What can you do now that you couldn’t do then?