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Task 1:

You will need the speed challenge sheet, a pencil and a 1-minute timer.

Complete the next set of 10 calculations.  Did you do better than yesterday?


Please remember to send this completed sheet to your class email today.


Task 2:

You will need the times table hunt sheet and a pencil.

Remind the children of the work covered on Wednesday, the relationship between multiplication and division.  Use this knowledge to complete the missing number multiplication calculations.


Please send in your completed work.

English (30 minutes)

You will need: The dictation document, a lined piece of paper and a pencil.


Have a look at the dictation text. An adult will need to read this aloud to you, one word at a time. There are 2 levels to choose from, but try to choose the appropriate one for you. If you would like to challenge yourself, have a go at both dictation passages. 


Ask your adult to send a video of your story reading to the class email.


English – Reading

With an adult and a book of your choosing, spend 20 minutes reading and discussing what you have read.


Living things and their habitats  

Had we been in school this week, we had rearranged our walk around the local area to look at habitats that we could see.

Although we are not in school, we would still like you to go out for a walk with an adult to see if you can find any different habitats. If you do, please ask your adult to take a picture. They may even get a picture of you near the habitat. Please remember to adhere to social distancing guidelines and the rules and regulations when out on your walk.

If you are unable to go out on this walk, due to isolating or shielding, please let a member of staff know and we can send out an alternative activity for you to complete.