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Friday- Maths

Task 1:

You will need the speed challenge sheet, a pencil and a 1-minute timer.

Complete the next set of 10 addition and subtraction calculations.  Did you do better than yesterday?


Task 2:

You will need a tablet, computer, laptop or phone for today’s work.

You will need to login to your My Maths portal again today.  Your lesson is Yr2 Block charts.  Work through the lesson with your child and then encourage them to complete the online homework independently.


Please remember to send your completed addition and subtraction speed check challenge sheet to your class email today.

English – Friday

You will need: a pencil and the sentence writing using nouns, verbs and adjectives sheet.

We would like you to use the picture on the sheet as inspiration and write descriptive sentences about what is happening in the scene. We have been learning about nouns, verbs and adjectives this week so we would like to use these in today’s writing.

As always please write neatly, start you sentences with a capital letter, use gaps between your words, end your sentence with a full stop and size and form your letters correctly.

Ask your adult to send your completed work into school using your class email address.

English – Reading

With an adult and a book of your choosing, spend 20 minutes reading and discussing what you have read.

RWI: 60 second read.

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