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Go on to the Education City site and work on the activities that are set to practice this week’s new sounds–  ‘oo, oo, ar’

oo – zoom to the moon

oo – The big cook

ar – farm market



This is an opportunity for your child to read a book to you. They can choose to read their book bag book that they will have from school. You can also visit the oxford owl website and choose a book of the same level for them to read to you.

Please ensure that you spend time talking about the words/vocabulary at the beginning of the book before you start and that you talk about the questions at the end of the book as well.





Look at the rhymes for the numbers 0-4. Practising saying the rhymes and writing the in the air. When you feel confident have a go at writing numbers on the worksheet.


Have a look at the Three Billy Goats gruff challenge sheet. Choose at least one of the activities from the sheet to complete.