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This is an opportunity for your child to read a book to you. They can choose to read their book bag book that they will have from school. You can also visit the oxford owl website and choose a book of the same level for them to read to you.

Please ensure that you spend time talking about the words/vocabulary at the beginning of the book before you start and that you talk about the questions at the end of the book as well.



Use the following link:

Watch the video closely and listen to what you are asked to do. The sounds will be pronounced for you the first you see them (listen to how to say each one) and then you will have the opportunity to say them yourself the second time through.

Complete this for Set 1, 2 and 3 sounds.

Repeat and watch the video a second time to practise any sounds you found tricky.


Spellings – zero, one, two, three, four, five

These are just some of the words that we need to practise and know how to spell by the end of our time in year 1. Take one word at a time and show children what the word looks like written down before they have a go at writing it. Talk about the pattern of letters or the sounds you can hear in that word. Cover the word up and ask the children to try and remember how it is spelt.

Repeat with all the other words. Practise any of the words they found tricky again.

Extension: try to put each of the words into a short sentence.

Ask your adult to send your completed work into school using your class email address.


You will need the multiplication and division sheet.

Think carefully about the work we have done over the last few weeks on both multiplication and division. Today we have mixed the calculations up on the same page. You will need to look closely at whether it tells you to multiply or divide. Remember for multiplication we can count up in steps of 2, 5 or 10 to find the answer and for division we can draw and use our share boxes to help us.

Try to do this as independently as you can

Ask your adult to send your completed work into school using your class email address.



You will need the ‘Castle and Sun’ ideas worksheet.

Castle and Sun by Paul Klee

We are looking at the artist Paul Klee today and in particular his piece of Art entitled ‘Castle and Sun’ The piece involves creating the castle using various 2d shapes, such as squares, triangles and rectangles. You can do this in whichever way you wish (draw and colour them, print them using sponges and paint, cut out shapes and arrange and stick them down to create the castle shape you want). Don’t forget to add one circle shape to create the Sun.

We have given you some ideas of what your piece of Art might look like.

Have fun!

Ask your adult to send a picture of your completed work into school using your class email address.