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RWI (Phonics)

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‘air’ – ‘Fairy Pair’

‘oy’ – ‘toy joy’

‘ou’ – ‘mouse in the house’

(If you do not have your child’s login details for RWI please email and we can send them to you.)


ENGLISH (Reading)

A - Do you have any fairy stories at home? If you do try to read one with a grown up. You can try to read the words you know and use your sounds to help you work out others. If it is a very long story you could read part of it or you could share the reading with your grown up. There will be some words that will be too tricky and you will need lots of help but have a go!


B- Go to the Oxford Owl Site. If you haven’t done this already parents will need to set up a login. Parts of the site are free to use. Go to the e-books – the link is below.

Find the story of ‘The little red hen.’  Start by telling the story. This is a book without words. Use the pictures to help you say what is happening. When you have finished, click on the Play activity 1 and 2 buttons to complete activities about the story.


School Reading Books - Please also remember to spend time during the week reading your school book and remember we have a system in place so that you can get a new one when you have read it at least three times and are confident with it. It is important that your grown up spends time talking about the words/vocabulary at the beginning of the book before you start and that you talk about the questions at the end of the book as well.




This week practice writing the numbers 5-9. Look at the rhymes for each number and use them to help you practice writing your numbers. Make sure you start in the correct place – how neat can you make each number?



For topic today there is a powerpoint. It is a quiz all about fairy stories. How many can you answer correctly?