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You will find the activities in the ‘Homework’ section.

‘ch’ – ‘cheeping chicks’

‘sh’ – ‘ship shape’

‘th’ – ‘the three paths’

‘ng’ – ‘sing a song’

(If you do not have your child’s login details for RWI please email and we can send them to you.)

Remember you can go back to any week in the homework section and work on the activities again.



Think about the sounds that we have worked on in RWI this week – can you go on a word hunt – how many things in your house can you find that have the sound ch, sh, th, nk, ng, qu?

Could you also read your school reading book or a book of your choice.




A little bit of number play for today. Write the number 5 on a piece of paper – how many different ways can you make 5?

Here’s an example using the number 4.


3    1

2    2

2  1   1

 1   1   1   1

You could use anything, buttons, cereal, raisins, to help you set them out. Take some photos – there doesn’t have to be lots of writing down.

When you have had a try with number 5 pick another number – challenge yourself!



Have a look at the activities on the ‘Chinese New Year Year’ challenge sheet. Try to complete at least 2 of the challenges on the sheet.





Well done for all your hard work this half term. Have a lovely break next week!