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RWI (Phonics)

Education City – today’s activities all focus on sounding out and spelling CVC words. These are simple 3 letter words that children have been learning to sound and spell.

You will find the activities in the ‘Homework’ section.

Bongo beat

Meet an alien


I cart believe it


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Remember you can go back to any week in the homework section and work on the activities again.)



READING – 1 - look at the two sentences on the worksheet and follow the instructions.

                     2 – Read your school reading book or another book that you have at home.



We have worked really hard learning doubles this week. Have a look at the sheet – there are some double problems to solve. How many can you do?



This will be the second part of your ice investigation! Before you rush to the freezer talk to your grown up about what you did on Wednesday – just to recap! Can you remember those new words – absorb and liquid. The other word was solid – this is what your water should be like now.

Set up a space where you can place your ice – you will need somewhere to put it like a tray or a plate. A plastic cloth on the table will be a good idea if you have one and a towel or paper towel to ‘absorb’ the drips might be useful!

Take your ice from the freezer and take it out of the container and put it onto the tray/plate. Spend sometime investigating your ice – pick it up – talk about how it feels and what happens when you hold it – not just to the ice but also your hands! Your water has gone from a liquid to a solid.

You can now investigate your ice further in different ways – you can watch to see how quickly it melts when you just leave it; you could pour some cold water onto it – does it melt quicker? What happens if your water is hot – this is for an adult to do, please be careful!!  If you put anything into your ice what happens as the ice melts?

There have been lots of new words – liquid, solid, absorb, melt.

One last thing to think about… your water started as a liquid it, then changed to a solid, (and even changed its name from water to ice!), and it then changes back to a liquid! Quite a lot to think about!


Well done! We hope you enjoyed your investigating!