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You will need telling the time board games, a tablet, computer, laptop or phone for today’s work.

Task 1:

Choose one of the telling the time board games to play with a member of your household.


Task 2:

You will need to login to your My Maths portal.  Your lesson is Yr2 using money.  Please work through the lesson with your child reinforcing any concepts they are unsure of.  Then encourage them to complete the online homework independently.


There is no work to email in today for maths as your teacher will be able to see your online homework.




You will need the spelling assessment sheets and a pencil.


Today for English we would like you to complete a spelling assessment of the year 1 and year 2 common exception words. An adult will read the spellings one by one to you to write. Use the blank spelling grid to write your spellings out. Remember to spell the words independently using your RWI sounds if you get stuck.


Ask your adult to send your completed work into school using your class email address.

Read Write Inc:

You will need the 60 second read: London’s Burning and a pencil.

Ask your adult to start a timer for 1 minute. As soon as the timer has started, read as much as you can. When the timer finishes, circle to where you got to. This helps us to see how well you are speed-reading. If you need to continue reading to get to the end of the passage, please do so, before answering the questions.


Ask your adult to send your completed work into school using your class email address.


Read independently for 20 minutes. This can either be a school book or a chosen book from home. When you have finished, share with an adult what you have read.


Art and Design – Collage

You will need the Friday Art and Design information sheet, a variety of media such as newspaper, coloured paper, comics and materials, glue and scissors.

Look at the picture taken from the Sun & Moon (two tales from China and Africa) book retold by Barrie Wade and illustrated by Deborah Pook.

We would like you to take inspiration from this picture. Look at the colours that have been used and how they have been layered to create the feel of texture.

Today we would like you to recreate the sun and moon picture using the collage technique.

Ask your adult to send your performance into school using your class email address