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RWI (Phonics)

Today we would like you to look at an online activity – it is a fun phonics game that you will need to read and sort the alien (fake) words and the real words.

Go to

Click on resources

Choose ‘Dragons Den’

Select 2

Click start

Select phase 2

Select Revise all

Read each word as it appears on the egg and drag it to the red dragon if you think it is a fake word or to the green egg if you think it is a real word.






READING – 1 - look at the two sentences on the worksheet and follow the instructions.

                     2 – Read your school reading book or another book that you have at home.



Crack the code – have fun with this codebreaking addition sheet



(Please make sure you read this to your child – thank you)

 We are going to spend this last session thinking about returning to school on Monday. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone and we know you will be very excited. We also know you might be feeling a little bit nervous but that’s okay. School will look pretty much the same … and so do we! Try and remember what everyone looks like. Can you remember the names of your friends? What were your favourite activities at school? Talk about this to your grown up.

Now share with your grown up what you are looking forward to. Have a think about anything that might be worrying you – there might be nothing or it might be a very little worry. Sharing our worries can help them go away!

When we come back to school we need to look after ourselves and our friends. We can do this by making sure we are washing our and gelling our hands throughout the day. We need to make sure that we use tissues and throw them away. We also need to remember to give each other a little bit of space. Don’t worry – the grown ups at school will help you. When you have had a chat with your grown up watch the oak academy video. It’s all about our new normal when we return to school and how you can help each other.

If you have problems with the link its oak academy – reception – RSHE – Lesson 1 – healthy hugs




Well done for all your hard work and we look forward to seeing you back in school on Monday