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You will need a recipe, ingredients and measuring equipment.

Today we would like you to put your measuring skills to the test in a practical task.  We would like you to follow a recipe of your choosing where you need to measure ingredients in grams and millilitres.  Follow the recipes to make your product, this could be some cakes, cookies, bread, the choice is yours.


Please send some photos to your class email of you measuring the different ingredients and of the end product. 



You will need a laptop/tablet/phone, some lined paper and a pencil.

Work through the PowerPoint titled, ‘Friday- sentence types’.

The four types of sentence are: statement, question, command and exclamation.

Work through the worksheet, identifying the differing sentence types.


Please ask your adult to send a picture of your writing into your class email address.

Read Write Inc:

You will need the 60 second read: Great Fire of London and a pencil.

Ask your adult to start a timer for 1 minute. As soon as the timer has started, read as much as you can. When the timer finishes, circle to where you got to. This helps us to see how well you are speed-reading. If you need to continue reading to get to the end of the passage, please do so, before answering the questions.


Ask your adult to send your completed work into school using your class email address.


Read independently for 20 minutes. This can either be a school book or a chosen book from home. When you have finished, share with an adult what you have read.



You and your families have worked incredibly hard during the school closures and we are so grateful for the work and messages that you have been sending in every day. We are so excited to see you all when you return to school on Monday 8th March, and as this is your last day of working from home, we recommend that you spend some quality time with your household bubble. You could play some board games, go outside to the park, go for a long walk or watch a film together.


This is our way of saying thank you for all your hard work!

We look forward to seeing you on Monday and hearing all about how you spent your enrichment time.