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Good morning Year 2 and happy Friday!

Please find below the activities for today.

Read Write Inc:

You will need: a pencil, the share a smile sheet.

Complete the ‘Share A Smile’ sheet. Think about a joke or a positive and uplifting phrase to add. You could then display this in your window for passers by or give it to someone in your family to make them smile 😊

Miss Green’s joke is:

Why do fish live in salt water? Because pepper makes them sneeze!

Miss Green’s uplifting message is:

‘To the world you may be one person, but to one person, you are the world!’

Please send us a picture of your poster to your class email address.


Read a book either independently or with an adult for 20 minutes.


English (handwriting):

You will need: pencil, handwriting sheet, colouring pencils.

Today would have been Red Nose Day in school! We are gutted that we aren’t all spending it together, but we thought you might still want to dress up in red and think about our value this half term of ‘understanding’, which links closely to the charity.


In your very neatest handwriting, copy the song verse onto the handwriting sheet. You will fill the space at the top this afternoon.


Please send a picture of your handwriting and picture to your class email address.


For MyMaths today, you have 2 activities to have a look at. You may choose to complete the lesson if you are finding them difficult, but you will probably be able to have a go at the homework tasks set. They are a recap of addition/subtraction and shape.

There is no work to send over today because your teacher will be able to see the work set on MyMaths.


Continuing on from your handwriting this morning, decorate the space at the top with a piece of your own artwork. You may choose to show what understanding means to you. You may choose to use the colour red for Red Nose Day.

We look forward to seeing your art. There is an example below.

Please send a picture to the class email address.


Have a great weekend!