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Practice Start by practising single Sounds using the RWI Sound Sheet

New sound Focus sound of the day: air

 For example; todays sound is air and is said in the same way as in the word –  h-air

Say the rhyme ‘It’s not fair ’

Follow the link for a short teaching video

Word writing - Adult to sound out the following words and allow time for child to write them down a sound at a time. As follows – h-air (encourage child to say the sounds as they write them, remember rhymes for each sound, they may help your child. Make sure the double letter sound stays as one sound – do not be tempted to break it down into individual.)




Key words – each day spend some time practising all the key words by reading them or having a go at writing them. There is a sheet with all the words on to help you out.



Read/listen to/watch the story of the Enormous Turnip. There is a telling of the story attached or you can read the story if you have a copy of your own.


(Enormous turnip story)


Answer the following questions -


-Thinking about the other stories we have worked on, which one is similar to the Enormous Turnip?

- What was the order that everyone helped the old man?

- Which enormous vegetable would you want to have?




We are going to work on size this week and explore some of the words that we use to describe size.

Cut up the words on the sheet and sort them into words which describe something that is small and words to describe something that is big. Can you think of any other words that you know?

Now draw one thing that you know is very big and one that is very small.


The Enormous turnip is a vegetable. It is a vegetable that grows under the ground. Work through the short powerpoint about where some different vegetables grow.

What vegetables do you have in your house? Where do you think they grew underground or above ground?

Complete the worksheet by cutting out the vegetables and placing them where you think they grow – above or below ground?