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This week

This half term we have been learning about traditional stories. This week we are going to find out about and work on a traditional story from another country. This Friday will be Chinese New Year and we will be looking at the story of the Chinese New Year Race. This is the story that decided on the animals for the Chinese zodiac. We will also spend some time looking at how the Chinese celebrate this very important festival in their calendar and we will also be working on some fun craft activities to do with Chinese New Year. In phonics we will begin to recap sounds and focus on using sounds we know to read and build words for writing.

There are quite a few worksheets, you do not need to print them all as sometimes you can transfer the information needed onto paper.



Practice Start by practising all sounds  - a powerpoint is attached which works through all the sounds or you can continue to use your sheet. It is important that children practice the sounds at the beginning of each RWI session.

Recap sounds We have worked on all the sounds we can work on for now. It is important that we now recap the sounds and then begin to use them to build words to help develop independent written work.

Today and tomorrow we will be practising – ch, sh, th

Remember the rhymes

ch  - The horse sneezes when the caterpillars hairs get up his nose

sh – shhh says the horse to the hissing snake

th –The princess in the tower is rescued by the horse. She says thank you.

Practice writing the sounds ch, th, sh.

Follow the links for a short teaching video for each





Word writing

Have a go at writing the following words – a grown-up will need to sound out the words, have a go at writing them down.




Key words – finish each session practising all the key words by reading them or having a go at writing them. Use your sheet from last week or the attached powerpoint.


The story of the Chinese New Year Race. In the story all the animals have a race to find out the order that the animals will come in the Chinese calendar.

Follow the link to watch the story of the Chinese New Year race. Let’s find out what happens!


Before you listen to the story there is a ‘preparation’ activity to match the animals – have a go at completing this first.


Now watch and listen to the story


Think about the story. Can you answer the questions? Talk about them with your grown up.


  • Which animal won the race?
  • Who was celebrating their birthday?
  • Which of the animals that raced would you want to win? Why?
  • If you could choose another animal to race what would it be? Why?


As an extra activity there is a game to order the animals below the story.



Ordinal numbers – These are numbers that give us an order. If we ran a race we would say we came 1st. 2nd. 3rd. In the story of the Chinese New Year Race the Jade Emperor gave all the animals a position as they finished swimming across the river. Using the story can you work out where each animal came.

Additional activity – do you have toy animals at home? They don’t have to be exactly the same ones as in the race, we can use our imagination or you could draw them onto paper and cut them out, can you use your animals to retell the story making sure you are using the correct ordinal numbers.

Worksheet (You can choose to use the worksheet or write it out onto paper.)

Additional activity -

The youtube video explains the use of ordinal numbers in a fun way using farmyard animals.


Remember the story of the Chinese New Year Race? Every year is named after one of the animals. This year is the year of the Ox on the Chinese Calendar. That means that anyone born this year will be an ‘Ox’.

Watch the powerpoint to find out about the Ox. Now have a go at the Ox activities.

  • Make an Ox puppet
  • Complete the Ox colour by numbers