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This week

Welcome to the last week of remote learning!

We are continuing our work on dinosaurs and will be trying to learn some dinosaur names.

On Thursday it will be world book day. We will be looking at a different book for the day and working on some fun activities based around the theme of the book.



Practice Start by practising all sounds we have learnt so far!

Use the powerpoint from last half term to work through the sounds. It is important that children practice the sounds at the beginning of each RWI session.


This week we are going to practice writing short phrases. Your grown up will need to read the phrase to you and you can have a go at writing it down. This will also help us learn our key words. (Please be aware these are simple phrases and not full sentences.)

The red cat

A big tree

Now read your phrases back to your adult.


Key words – Practice reading key words from the powerpoint given last half term.

Have a go at writing the following words – we are going to practice these everyday … ‘practice makes perfect’! (Ask your adult to read them out for you –

up                                                  and                                                to

on                                                  got                                                 go                 




This week as a part of our work on Dinosaurs we will be finding out about ‘Harry and his Bucketful of dinosaurs’. Harry is a little boy who has his own set of toy dinosaurs. He learns all their names and this is what we are going to work on too!

First, we are going to find out all about Harry and his dinosaurs. Follow the link to listen to the story when Harry first finds his dinosaurs and learns their names.


Now talk to your grown up and answer the questions (Just talking! You don’t need to write the answers down!)

Where did Harry find the dinosaurs?

How many dinosaurs did Harry have?

What did Harry do with the dinosaurs?

What does Harry keep his dinosaurs in and what colour is it?

What were the names of Harrys dinosaurs? (How many can you remember?)

Who else is in the story with Harry?

What is your favourite part of the story?


There are lots of episodes of Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs on youtube. You can also find more Harry stories to listen to about his adventures with his dinosaurs.


Have a look at the sheet for today – it names all of Harry’s dinosaurs. Colour it in as you and your grown up have a go at saying the names.




We are moving on with our maths this week. We have already worked on number sentences through addition and doubling and we are now going to begin to work on subtraction or taking away.

We have worked on the concept of 1 less than.  Can you remember 1 less than 3? 1 less than 5? 1 less than 4? Ask your grown up to ask you some more.


Today we are going to be learning to take away. Taking away is when we take an amount from another amount to find out how many we have left. That first number is always the biggest number and we only take a smaller number away.

Use a set of 10 counting objects – as you have used before. Today we are going to work on this practically and then tomorrow we will begin to write down our number sentences.


Set out 5 counting objects – we are going to take 3 away. Take them away and put them to one side. How many do we have left?

Set out 6 and take away 2. How many do we have left?

Work through the following take away problems and work out how many you have left.

Set out 7 and take away 4.

Set out 6 and take away 5.

Set out 7 and take away 3.

Set out 8 and take away 4.

Set out 8 and take away 6.

Set out 9 and take away 5.

Set out 10 and take away 5.


Your grown up can give you more to work out if you would like to carry on.

If you follow the link you will find a fun video about taking away.




Today we are going to learn a new song as a part of our topic on dinosaurs. The song is called ‘The Prehistoric Animal Brigade’ (also known as the ‘Brontosaurus chorus).

Follow the link to listen to the song

You now need to start to learn the song. The lyrics are on a worksheet so that your grown up can help you. Don’t worry if you can’t learn all of it – just have a go!

You can even make up actions as you sing the song – it will really help you to remember the words!