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Maths – Monday

Task 1:

You will need the speed challenge sheet, a pencil and a 1-minute timer.

Children in Year 2 are expected to have mental recall of number bonds to and within 20.  It is important that they know these facts off by heart as this will help them to carry out more complex mental calculations quickly.  Speed challenges are a fun way of getting them to think quickly and improve their accuracy by trying to improve their score.  On the sheet you have 5 different speed challenges, 10 calculations in each.  Complete one set a day at the start of each maths session.  Challenge your child to improve their score each day.


Ask your adult to send the completed sheet at the end of the week.


Task 2:

You will need the + and – calculation sheet from the website and a pencil today.  Don’t worry if you can’t print the sheet, you can copy one calculation at a time and answer it just as you would from the white board at school.

Answer as many of these calculations as you can.  Remember to think carefully about the different strategies that we have been using in school.  Counting on/back from the largest number, counting in steps of 10, using partition and recombine.  Please refer to the maths calculation strategy handout that was shared with all parents/carers at the start of the year. For the adding and subtracting of two 2-digit numbers you can also make use of the supporting videos located in the remote learning tab for year two under maths support.


Ask your adult to send your completed work into school using your class email address.


English – Monday

You will need: A laptop/tablet/phone, a pencil and the nouns sheet.

What are nouns?


Today we will be learning about nouns. We will find out what they are and how they are used in writing.

  1. Watch the noun video.
  2. Read through the nouns PowerPoint to find out what a noun is.
  3. Once you have finished, complete the nouns sheet.


Ask your adult to send a picture of your beginning to your class email address.


English – Reading

With an adult and a book of your choosing, spend 20 minutes reading and see if you can identify any nouns in the book.

Still image for this video

RWI- Sound work:

Set 1,2 and 3 RWI sounds

Spell words using some of these sounds.

Music - Monday

You will need: laptop/tablet/phone

Use the below link to listen to the songs that Julia Donaldson has written and performed. Pick your favourite song to learn and play this week. Practice the song and sing along when you are confident.