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Use the RWI Sound Sheet to practice single sounds

Focus sound of the day: ay

 This week we are working on new sounds that the children have not previously been taught. It is very important that the children learn to say each sound in the correct way. For example; todays sound is ay and is said in the same way as in the words – play and say.

Say the rhyme ‘May I play?’

Look at your RWI sound sheet – can you find sounds to make words using ‘ay’? (For example – s-ay  … say) Find at least 5 and write each one down.

This week we are going to start to practice our key words – these are words that children need to be able to read by the end of the year. These are the first 5, practice reading them and writing them down.

                                             it   at     am     in    I     


For additional support with these new sounds you can go to the oxford owl site for help with correct pronunciation. Additionally, go to youtube and look for –

 Phonics Lesson - Set 2 '**' sound for Reception and Year 1

Replace the ** with the sound that you are looking for. The teacher on these clips uses the RWI resources that we use in school.



(*You will need to do your topic work first)

Draw a picture of your favourite part of the Goldilocks story. Is it when Goldilocks tastes the porridge? When she breaks the chair or the bears find her asleep in baby bears bed? Maybe you have a different part of the story you enjoy.

When you have finished your picture write a sentence to go with it. For example


               I Like it when …




This week we are linking our maths to the story of Goldilocks. We will be looking at size and comparing different objects.

Key vocabulary to use will be: big, bigger, biggest, small, smaller, smallest, middle size, medium

Can you find 3 different size bowls and 3 different size spoons? (You will need to ask a grown-up if you can look in the cupboards.)

Match the spoons to the bowls by size.

Put the bowls in order from biggest to smallest.

Write a label for each bowl – Daddy, Mummy, baby  - place them by the correct bowl & spoon.


What size bowl do you think Goldilocks would have? Can you find one, put it in the correct place and write a label for Goldilocks bowl?



Fairy tales – Goldilocks and the three bears

If you have a version of the story at home you can share this. It can also be found by going on to        search for Goldilocks, you can then listen to and watch the story. Can you tell the story putting on different voices for each of the bears? What kind of a voice would Daddy bear have? How would mummy bears be different?






There are no worksheets to accompany todays activities.