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Practice Start by practising single Sounds using the RWI Sound Sheet


New sound Focus sound of the day: oo


 For example; todays sound is oo and is said in the same way as in the words –  moo and fool.

Say the rhyme ‘Poo at the zoo’

Follow the link for a short teaching video

Word writing - Adult to sound out the following words and allow time for child to write them down a sound at a time. As follows – m-oo-n (encourage child to say the sounds as they write them, remember rhymes for each sound, they may help your child. Make sure the double letter sound stays as one sound – do not be tempted to break it down into individual.)





Key words to learn to read and practice writing today are:

get, he, she, not      



Read/listen to/watch the story of the three Billy Goats Gruff. There is a powerpoint of the story attached.

Think about the story and answer some questions. You can do this by just talking abut the story.

  • Who are the 4 characters in the story?
  • Which character do you the is the scariest?
  • Who do you think is the bravest?
  • Can you remember what the troll said when he heard the Billy Goats Gruff?



This week is going to be all about counting in 2s and finding pairs. A pair is when there are 2 of something.

Start today by counting up to 20, now do it again. It’s important that you know the order the numbers come in so that you can properly work out how to count in 2s.

Count up to 20 again but this time we’re going to do a whisper and a shout… whisper number 1, shout number 2, whisper 3, shout 4 and so on up to 10. Try it again and see if you can go up to 20.

I wonder if you noticed anything about the numbers you shouted? If you only said the shouted numbers you would be counting in 2s.

Do this one more time but this time write down the numbers you shout, in a line so you can read them again after.

You now have all the numbers you need to count in 2s. Keep practising!

Here’s a song to finish todays maths so you can practise some more…



Follow the link below to find out all about goats. When you have worked through the book, you can do this more than once, write down three facts about goats that you didn’t already know.