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Other activities you could do at home

As a key stage we have decided that we will set home learning once a half term based around the learning we are doing in class.
On the weeks when we have not set home learning here are some ideas that will help you to help your child on their learning journey! 
When you choose an activity please take some photos, or bring in anything you have made, for your child to share in class.
NB please use caution when taking part in any activities near water.


Design a superhero mask


Make a tally chart to show your families favourite colour/shape/food/drink etc..


Collect some conkers, count them, group them into 2's 5's and 10's. 

Play conkers! 

Make conker animals.

Go for a walk around a lake- skim some stones

Go to a beach, paddle in the sea, explore rock pools.

Go on a nature walk, collect fallen objects, sort them according to their properties such as; hard, soft, prickly, rough and smooth.

Build a den inside or outside.

Make your family a meal following a recipe

Make a really long daisy chain

Play Pooh sticks

Go pond dipping 

Make and fly a kite

Go star gazing and see which constellations you can spot.

Go to the library and find a poetry book

Go to the library and find a non-fiction book which interests you

Go for a family walk in the woods

Plant it, grow it, eat it

Go bird watching and identify some

Set up a snail race

Go bug hunting, draw what you find

Teach your pet a trick

Complete some or all of the Milton Keynes Art Trail;
And follow the art walks links.