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Our Friendship Jar 🌈

Robins have worked together to think about what friendship means to them and the values that a good friend needs to have. We have used these ideas to write our own friendship recipe.



A spoonful of goodness.          πŸ˜‡

A dollop of caring.          πŸ₯  

A sprinkle of kindness.           πŸ’

A pinch of listening.                       πŸ‘‚

A pot of sharing.              πŸ―

A splash of funny.                     πŸ’¦

A cup of happiness.        πŸ˜€



First mix all the ingredients together 

Then put in some time and effort 

Now let some time pass and trust develop 

Bake well in a warm heart 

Finally, enjoy a perfect friendship. 


After giving the ingredients a good stir they were placed in the friendship jar for all the children to see and remember what makes a good friend. Our friendship jar will be on show in the classroom as a constant reminder.


Mixing our ingredients...

Robins are pleased to introduce their class values bear. The children had a discussion on what would be a good name for our bear 🐻. We then had a vote to choose our name and the majority vote has named the bear β€˜Twinkle’.

As Twinkle is our value creature this means that children can be chosen to have Twinkle for the day by showing the Priory Common values. Early Years staff choose on child a week and the bear is collected in our Friday celebration assembly. Twinkle is then their buddy for the day!