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Robin class welcomes Pebbles the bear


After selecting a number of names for our class bear, which ranged from, Robyn, Rose and Flower, the children voted and it was agreed the our class bear would be called PEBBLES. 

Pebbles will spend every Friday with someone who has shown th school values through out the week. 


Friday 8th June

Friday 8th June 1

Friday 25th May

Friday 25th May 1

Friday 18th May

Friday 18th May 1

Friday 11th May

Friday 11th May 1

Friday 4th May

Friday 4th May 1

Friday 27th April

Friday 27th April 1

Friday 20th April

Friday 20th April 1

Friday 13th April

Friday 13th April 1

Friday 23rd March

Friday 23rd March 1

Friday 9th March

Friday 9th March 1

Friday 23rd February

Friday 23rd February 1

Friday 9th February

Friday 9th February 1

Friday 2nd February

Friday 2nd February 1

Friday 26th January

Friday 26th January 1

Friday 19th January

Friday 19th January 1

Friday 12th January

Friday 12th January 1

Friday 5th January

Friday 5th January 1

Friday 8th December

Friday 8th December 1

Friday 1st December

Friday 1st December 1

Friday 24th November

Friday 24th November 1

Friday 17/11/17

Friday 17/11/17 1