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Year 1 common exception words

We are learning to use and apply the Year 1 common exception words in all pieces of written work. Each half term we focus on a different set of words and we look for these being spelt correctly in the children's work. Please support your child to learn and practise each of these words both in isolation and when completing any written work.

Autumn term 1 focus spellings


the to
a his
I has
is do


Autumn term 2 focus spellings


was of
me you
she no
he go

Spring term 1 focus spellings


one be
were we
they so
are with

Spring term 2 focus spellings


said says
her for
by my
today your

Summer term 1 focus spellings


come some
there here
push pull
put full

Summer term 2 focus spellings


our ask
school friend
house once
where love