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You will need the fraction word problems and a pencil.

Remind the children of the problem-solving work they did earlier in the half term involving multiplication and division.  Can they remember the 5 steps to think about in order to solve a word problem? Reinforce the concept of the problem-solving hand – 5 steps, one for each finger on a hand, we use in school to help solve word problems.

  1. Read it – read the problem carefully
  2. Stop and think – think about what it is asking you, underline the important information
  3. Find the calculation – write the calculation down
  4. Strategy – think about the best strategy to solve the calculation
  5. Solve it – now you are ready to find the answer

You may need to read the question to your child, then encourage them to complete steps 2 to 5 themselves.


Send your completed work to your class email address.

You will need your mini-assessment booklet tomorrow.  Have you collected it yet?


You will need a tablet, computer or phone/iPad, the PPT and the worksheet.

Work through the grammar PowerPoint that looks at the suffixes ‘er’ and ‘est’. Can you tell your adult what a suffix is?

A suffix is a group of letters that come at the end of a word and it forms a new word. When you have finished looking at the PPT, you will need to complete the worksheet. Firstly add the suffixes onto the root word and then put the new words into sentences. You may continue your sentences onto the back of the sheet.


Ask your adult to send your completed work into school using your class email address.

Read Write Inc:

You will need an iPad/tablet/laptop.

Choose an e-book to read using the below link 


Once you have finished reading, we would like you to complete a ‘summary’ of what you have read.

A summary is writing a brief account of what you have read. We suggest you write about the main character and what happens to them in the story. If it is a non-fiction text, please write 3 key facts that you have read.


Ask your adult to send your completed summary into school using your class email address.


Topic: Time-out Thursday

We know that current times are different and sometimes difficult and that being outdoors and away from screens can do wonders for the mind. Therefore, we challenge you today to get outdoors and explore your local area, or wrap up warm and do an activity in your garden. We encourage you to stay away from all electronic devices if you can.

If the weather isn’t great, can you play a board game or cards together. You could use the Double and Half board game from last week or the Emotions board game from yesterday if you do not have any others.


Let us know what you get up to by explaining in words or sending pictures/videos into school using your class email address.