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Practice Start by practising all sounds using the sheet or the powerpoint. It is important that children practice the sounds at the beginning of each RWI session.


Sound it twice then blend the sounds together. Watch the video, pause it at each new word to allow time to sound out and blend.

Set 1:5 green words - blending


Word writing - Remember the sounds from yesterday – ng, nk, qu – have a go at writing the following words – a grown-up will need to sound out the words, have a go at writing them down.

r-i-ng                       qu-i-t     

s-a-nk                     qu-ee-n

th-i-ng                    ch-i-nk

Key words – each day spend some time practising all the key words by reading them or having a go at writing them. There is a sheet with all the words on to help you out.



For your English work today we are going to look some more at phonics and building words. There are 2 fun worksheets attached. Sheet 2 is just a little bit trickier! You can choose whether you work through both of them or just complete one. Enjoy!



We have worked hard on learning ordinal numbers this week as a part of our week on Chinese New Year. On the attached sheet you will find the symbols for the Chinese numbers. Have a go at writing Chinese numbers from 1 to 9.


Have a look at the ‘bean’ activity sheet. Follow the instructions on the sheet. Can you think of any other types of beans? Such as a broad bean, make up an action for those as well.