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RWI  (A slightly shorter session today so that we can get on with World book day activities)


Start by practising all sounds we have learnt so far!

Use the powerpoint to work through the sounds. It is important that children practice the sounds at the beginning of each RWI session.


Key words – Practice reading key words from the powerpoint given last half term.

Have a go at writing the following words – we are going to practice these everyday … ‘practice makes perfect’! (Ask your adult to read them out for you –

up                                                  and                                                to

on                                                  got                                                 go      



World Book Day 2021


For our world book day we have set out a selection of activities for the children to work on. There will be several craft activities for you to choose from- we are not expecting the children to work on all of them! The activities require a variety of resources and materials which will allow you to choose the activities that you have the correct resources for  - or something similar! We have done it this way as we are aware that you will all have access to different materials.

In addition, there are activities on the ‘World Book Day’ site online. There is a wide range of activities for you and your child to select from – as long as it’s book or story based it will work for today!

Today is about immersing yourself in books, stories and activities linked to stories. We have chosen a book for Early Years as our main book for the day.


Remember to look on the Priory Common webpage for additional stories that you can listen too. Look for the 'listen to a story' tab on the children's page.

For world book day this year we have decided to keep with our theme of dinosaurs and choose a story about a very special dinosaur.

The story we are sharing is ‘Dazzle the Dinosaur’ by Marcus Pfister. Dazzle is a very special little dinosaur. In the story Dazzle has lots of different dinosaur friends. Of course, like any story book there is an exciting adventure.

IMG_3851-compressed (1).MOV

Still image for this video


Dazzle is a very special dinosaur. Not only does he have ‘beautiful glittering spines’ but Dazzle is a very special dinosaur for lots of other reasons.

Can you write down your answers to the questions about Dazzle and the story. 

What is one of the special things that Dazzle does in the story?

Who does Dazzle help?

What is your favourite part of the story?


All about books

Have a look at the books that you have at home. What is your favourite book?

Ask your grown up to take a photo of you with your favourite book.



Read or listen to at least 5 stories today… more would be even better! Let us know how you got on.

Have a look at the Share a story reading star sheet for some ideas.


Activities for World Book Day

A selection of craft activities for today. They require a variety of resources. Please select those which your child will enjoy and you can resource.

  • Salt dough fossils – make your own dinosaur fossils – you can also press in leaves, flowers, twigs.


  • Toilet roll dinosaurs – time to empty of the toilet roll! Can you make a dinosaur like dazzle?


Make a hat that looks like dazzles glittering spines!

This is one way you could do it


  • How about a paper plate dinosaur? You don’t have to have a paper plate. Again try and make your dinosaur look like dazzle.
  • Make a dinosaur from playdough/ plasticine – make the dinosaur shape and use pasta shapes to create its spines, spikes horns or plates.


  • Have some fun at breakfast or lunchtime – can you make a dinosaur plate of food? Here’s one way you could do it
  • Painting - If you have paints at home you could create a Dazzle picture by painting your hand and placing it onto a piece of paper – make sure your fingers are pointing to the top of the page to make the dinosaur spikes. You can paint or draw in more dinosaur features. aAn extra handprint could make one of Dazzles friends!


  • Another painting activity – draw the outline of the dinosaur with a pencil – use your finger tips or a cotton bud to fill the dinosaur boddy with lots of coloured dots. How colourful can you make it?


  • A short animation of the story of Dazzle can be found by following the link


National World Book Day Activities

Follow the link below


Click onto the ‘School/Nurseries’ tab and go to Early Years Resources for a range of activities you can select for your child


For a selection of stories read aloud go to the School/Nurseries’ and find ‘Share a story corner video books’ or on the same tab go to ‘free audiobooks’ and just listen to the stories.

Under the Families tab have a look at more fun activities you could have a go at.


We hope you have enjoyed a fun day today. Remember that you can come back to these activities and books if you want to do more another day!