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Good morning Year 2,

Please find below the activities for today.

Read Write Inc:

You will need: a phone/iPad/tablet and a pencil and paper.

Recap set 2 and 3 sounds and say the sounds as you go.

Choose 5 sounds and write a word for each and then put it into a sentence.

Please send a picture of your completed work to your class email address.


Read a book to an adult and verbally answer the following questions:

  • Is the book fiction or non-fiction?
  • Who is the main character?
  • What was your favourite part of the story?
  • Did the story have a dilemma or problem? If so, what was it?
  • Would you recommend the book?


You will need: A tablet/phone/iPad, glue stick and scissors, colouring pencils.

This week we have been learning lots about the Great Fire of London in 1666. Today we are going to learn about fire fighters in 1666 and fire fighters now and how they have changed.  You have two teaching tasks to complete. Please start off by working through the teaching slides, stopping at slide 12 to complete task one. Then continue through the slides and then complete task two. 


Task one: Sort through pictures of equipment and put them into the two columns on the work sheet labelled then and now.   Can you add any additional pictures into the columns?


Task two:  Children are to create an informative fire safety poster to set a good example for the younger children within the school.  We would like you to write 5 fire safety rules or sentences on the poster and then draw some fire safety pictures around them. Try your best to make your posters engaging and colourful.



For MyMaths today, you have 3 activities to have a look at. You may choose to complete the lesson if you are finding them difficult, but you will probably be able to have a go at the three homework tasks set. They are a recap of number and place value.

There is no work to send over today because your teacher will be able to see the work set on MyMaths.



As part of our PSHE topic about well-being, we would like you to take part in the activity ‘Let your worries fly away’. For this activity, you will need to either make your own kite, or using the template provided, cut out the kite. Then on the kite, you will write down some things that worry you or concerns that you may have. This is a good opportunity for you to talk with your adults at home.

Once you have written these down, tie a piece of string or a stick a twig to the kite and run around and see if you can make your kite fly.

Please send a picture of your ‘worry kite’ to your class email address.