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Task 1:

You will need the speed challenge sheet, a pencil and a 1-minute timer.

Complete the next set of 10 addition and subtraction calculations.  Did you do better than yesterday?


Task 2:

You will need a tablet, computer, laptop or phone for today’s work.

You will need to login to your My Maths portal again today.  Your lesson is Yr2 Tally charts.  Work through the lesson with your child and then encourage them to complete the online homework independently. 


There is no work to email in today for maths as your teacher will be able to see your online homework.



English – Thursday

You will need: laptop/tablet/phone

Today we will be working on education city practicing using the nouns and verbs that we learnt about earlier in the week.

Log into education city using your own login details. Access the classwork tab and complete the following activities:

Noodle Nouns

Valiant Verbs

Amazing Verbs

Water Quest (adjectives)


English – Reading

Independently read your reading book or a different story for 20 minutes on your own.

RWI- Sound work:

Cover the rhyme with another sheet of paper. Show your adults how many sounds that you know. How many can you remember? Ask your adult to take a picture to show us which sounds you know and which ones you are finding difficult.

Design Technology/Music- Thursday

You will need: Your design sheet and the materials to make your instrument.

Today we would like you to make your musical instrument. Remember it needs to look like your design and to make a sound when you play it.

You must use the items on your materials list and use the Design Technology skills that we have learnt whilst in school: cutting joining, shaping etc.

Ask your adult to send a picture of your completed instrument into school using your class email address.