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Practice Start by practising single Sounds using the RWI Sound Sheet

New sound Focus sound of the day: ir

 For example; todays sound is ir  and is said in the same way as in the words –  

Say the rhyme ‘whirl and twirl’

Follow the link for a short teaching video


Word writing - Adult to sound out the following words and allow time for child to write them down a sound at a time. As follows – f-ir (encourage child to say the sounds as they write them, remember rhymes for each sound, they may help your child. Make sure the double letter sound stays as one sound – do not be tempted to break it down into individual.)





Key words – each day spend some time practising all the key words by reading them or having a go at writing them. Use the sheet with all the words on to help you out.




Look at the pictures one at a time and work out what the missing word is. Say the full sentence out loud.  Now use your sounds to help you complete the sentences – say the missing word and break it down so that you can hear each sound before you write it down. When you have completed the sentences, you can colour the pictures.


Looking at the vegetables that you have in your house, (you can use fruit if you need to), put them in size order from biggest to smallest. Which size words can you use to describe the sizes of the vegetables? Think about the words we used yesterday.

Make sure you take a picture of your vegetables in size order.

(You can use other objects or toy food if you don’t have many vegetables. You could even use a selection oof potatoes as long as they are different sizes!)



When the old man pulled up the turnip he was using something called a force. A force can be a push or a pull. Today we are going to work on some science and investigate forces.

Have a look at the worksheet about pushes and pulls and complete it. You should now have a better understanding of forces.

What do you have in your house that you push or pull? Remember these are forces! Have a look around – what do you do with a drawer or a door? What else can you find?