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Practice Start by practising all sounds  - a powerpoint is attached which works through all the sounds or you can continue to use your sheet. It is important that children practice the sounds at the beginning of each RWI session.


There have been lots of positive comments about the video links for RWI. The following video shows the green word cards we use for learning to build words when reading. Children are used to reading them one sound at a time – we use our fingers to represent each sound. Sound it twice then blend the sounds together. Watch the video, pause it at each new word to allow time to sound out and blend.

 Set 1:4 green words - blending


Word writing – Remember the sounds from yesterday – ch, sh, th – have a go at writing the following words – a grown-up will need to sound out the words, have a go at writing them down.

ch-i-p                       m-u-ch

sh-o-p                      w-i-sh

th-i-n                       m-o-th


Key words – each day spend some time practising all the key words by reading them or having a go at writing them. Use the sheet with all the words on to help you out or click on the link for a powerpoint of the words.




If you were born February 19, 2015 – February 7, 2016 you were born in the year of the goat or sheep. (Some stories say goat and some say sheep)


If you were born February 8, 2016 you were born in the year of the monkey.

First work out which animal you are. Then complete the worksheet by drawing a picture in the box of your animal. On the lines write a sentence which tells us about when you were born and a second one saying what Chinese animal you are.


Click onto the link below – you will see 5 coloured cars. Before you click start make a prediction as to which car you think will come first. At the end of the race drag the cars across to put them in order of their place.

Repeat the activity several times – can you guess which will come first, second and third




All about Chinese New Year – Today we find out a little bit about how the Chinese New Year is celebrated. Watch the short video that will tell you some of the main things about Chinese New Year.


There is also a short word matching activity above the video (Preparation) and a filling the missing words game below the video.

Now complete the Topic activity set for today and make your own Chinese lantern following the instructions on the worksheet. You do not need to print this off if you don’t want to and can use any paper that you have to make your own lantern. If you would like to you can decorate it with anything that you have at home. Please take photos for us to see your wonderful creation!