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Start by practising all sounds we have learnt so far!

Use the powerpoint to work through the sounds. It is important that children practice the sounds at the beginning of each RWI session.


Today we are going to read some words with – ir, ou, oy. Click on the link for a short video


Today we are going to work on more alien words – remember these are made up words but help us lots when we are learning to read. Ask your grown up to sound out the word, do you know what the alien word is? Can you write it down – then read what you have written.

 g-i-p                        t-ir-k                        th-ou-t

r-u-ch                      sh-oy                       m-u-ng                   

Key words – Practice reading key words from the powerpoint given last half term.

Have a go at writing the following words – we are going to practice these everyday … ‘practice makes perfect’! (Ask your adult to read them out for you –

it                    at                         in                        the              me                is




Listen to the story ‘Dinosaur Roar’

The story is about all kinds of dinosaurs and is uses lots of words to describe a dinosaur. You can choose to draw your own dinosaur or find a picture of a dinosaur.

Now write 3 sentences to describe you dinosaur.

You might start your sentence with;

My dinosaur is…


You can use the worksheet to complete your work or work on paper of your own.

Worksheet – if required


For doubles work today you will need some counters, buttons, cereal (something like cheerios works really well!) – any small objects that you have lots of. You will also need some number cards – you can use the sheet for today, you will need to cut it up, you can make a set or use some of your own if you have them. You will only need numbers up to 10 but there are numbers to 20 in case you really want to challenge yourself!

Remember your doubles work from yesterday – it might help today if you have a plain piece of paper in front of you to set out your work – or at least a clear space. Put your number cards to 10 and your counting objects above your working space.

Just take a minute to go through your numbers to make sure you know what they all are – can you put them in the correct order?

Put the number 1 on the space in front of you and select 1 of your counting objects. You now want to double it, place another object down – you now have 1 and a 1.

It should look a bit like this


                            heart                                          heart



Count how many altogether and now say the sentence that goes with your arrangement –

Double 1 is 2

You could extend this further by finding the number 2 card from your pile.

Move on to the number 2 – place down the number 2, 2 counting objects then 2 more – just like you did for number 1. How many now? Say the number sentence.

Keep going until you have worked at least with numbers up to 5. (Keep going a little more if you can!)

You will need counting objects tomorrow if you want to put them to one side with your number cards!

Worksheet – number cards – if required



Follow the link below to listen to stories, songs and facts all about dinosaurs. This is a really good way to practice our listening skills so let’s switch on our ears and do some really careful listening! Have fun joining in!