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Task 1:

You will need a dice, the Telling the Time board game, 2 counters (you could use any small object, eg smarties, if you do not have counters).

For task 1, use the Telling the Time worksheet. Follow the instructions to find the o’clock and half past times.

Can you remember how to tell the time to o’clock and half past? See if you can beat someone in your family at the game.

Task 2:

You will need: a pencil, the Days of the Week worksheet.

Recap units of time. Find the sheet labelled ‘Days of the Week’.

Complete the worksheet and the challenge at the bottom of the page.


You will need an iPad/tablet/laptop,


This half term we will be exploring not just one author but stories written by authors from around the world.

Today we would like you to listen to the stories from the Sun and Moon book (tales from China and Africa) and the Monkey and the Water Dragon (a tale from China). Once you have listened to them both we would like you to write a passage about the story you liked the best today. You could tell us what you liked and why, who your favourite character was, where you think the story was set (city, village, countryside) and whether you think it was a happy or sad.


Ask your adult to send your completed work into school using your class email address.

Read Write Inc:

You will need the dictation passage, some lined paper and a pencil.

Today for RWI you are going to complete a dictation session. The passage includes sounds from set 2 and set 3. You will need to ask an adult to read it slowly to you, one word at a time, leaving a 5-10 second pause between each word. Your adult will tell you when there is a capital letter gap (finger space) and full stop for you to include in your writing. Remember if you get behind or miss a word or two just stop breath and listen for the next word in the passage.

Try to keep the presentation of your writing as neat as possible.

Ask you adult to send your completed work into school using your class email address.

Meet our newest member of the Year 2 Team- Miss Read

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You will need: iPad/tablet/laptop

Beat the teacher challenge – bat and ball skills or hand and sock skills.


Now complete the Kids circuit workout to ‘cups’ using the link below:

PE - Beat the Teachers

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