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Start by practising all sounds we have learnt so far!

Use the powerpoint to work through the sounds. It is important that children practice the sounds at the beginning of each RWI session.

Writing /Reading

More short phrases to write and read. Your grown up will need to read the phrase to you and you can have a go at writing it down. This will also help us learn our key words. (Please be aware these are simple phrases and not full sentences.)


A fox in the box

Fun in the sun

Now read your phrases back to your adult.


Key words – Practice reading key words from the powerpoint given last half term.

Have a go at writing the following words – we are going to practice these everyday … ‘practice makes perfect’! (Ask your adult to read them out for you)

up                                                  and                                                to

on                                                  got                                                 go      



Dinosaurs haven’t been around for 65 million years! We can look at pictures of what we think they looked like and we know about lots of the dinosaurs that were around because of the bones that have been found. Today we are going to use our imagination for our writing.  What would you do if you saw a real dinosaur? Have a think. It might depend on what type of dinosaur you meet! Have a chat with your grown up as you think of your ideas.

We would like you to write 3 sentences – using your imagination – what would you do?


Worksheet – if required


Remember yesterday we were beginning a new learning journey with subtraction. Today we are going to learn how to write down a subtraction number sentence. We used the word take away to show that we were taking one number of objects away from another.

Watch the subtraction powerpoint.

Now we are going to have a go at writing out some subtraction number sentences. Remember a number sentence will include the subtraction sign     -   and the equals sign  =

You need to set out your 2 groups of objects,  write down your number sentence.

For example; 5 – 3 =

Next take your 3 away from the 5 and write down the answer         5 – 3 = 2

Work out and write down the number sentences for the following

Set out 4 and 2.

Set out 5 and 4.

Set out 6 and 3.

Set out 6 and 2.

Set out 7 and 3.

Set out 8 and 5.

Set out 9 and 6.


You can always do more if you would like to!                                                       




Harry has a bucketful of dinosaurs and he can name all of them! We are going to try to learn the names of 6 dinosaurs. These can be the same ones Harry has or they can be different. If you already know the names of some dinosaurs can you try to learn some new ones.

Have a look at the powerpoint to and try to say some of the dinosaur names. They are quite tricky but its fun to say long words!

Harry keeps his dinosaurs in a bucket. Where would you keep yours? Can you draw where you would keep your dinosaurs – you could always try to make it. Think of the dinosaurs you are trying to remember. Draw a picture of each one and put it into your container. You could be just like Harry!