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Practice all single sounds

Focus sound of the day: ee

Today’s sound ee is said in the same way as in the words – tree and see.

Say the rhyme ‘What can you see?’

Look at your RWI sound sheet – can you find sounds to make words using ‘ee’? (For example – s-ee  … see) Find at least 5 and write each one down.

Here are your 5 words to practice reading and writing today.

on    an     up     is     if



Do you think Goldilocks was sorry about what she did to the 3 bears, especially baby bear? Can you name all the naughty things that Goldilocks did?  What could she do to say sorry?

Choose 1 activity to help Goldilocks apologise to the bears;

-Write a letter to say sorry

-Draw a picture to say sorry

- Make a gift for the bears – what could Goldilocks give them to show she was sorry?

Now listen to the story ‘A chair for baby bear’ Kaye Umansky. You can find your own link or follow the one below which will take you to a cbeebie version.



Complete the size sheet by colouring the pictures, cutting out the bowls, chairs and beds and then sticking or placing them under the correct bear.

What words can we use to describe the size of the different objects?



Song – ‘When goldilocks went to the house of the bears’

Use the link

or find a version of your own – can you add the actions to show the different sizes?

If you practice it lots you won’t need the video to help you!