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You will need: a phone/tablet/laptop.

Today you will be continuing to recap money. There are two activities.

Task 1: Recap your knowledge of coins and notes by playing the coins game, using the sorting section to find the coins that it asks you for:

Task 2: Using coins- MyMaths. Work through the lesson first and then complete the MyMaths homework.

There is no work to send in for this lesson because your teachers will be able to see your score on MyMaths.



You will need: a phone/tablet/laptop, a pencil, the worksheet for your group.

Today you will be working in your RWI group. This was emailed to you last week.

Go to the RWI page on this week’s remote learning and select your colour group. Follow the instructions for your individual group.

Please send a picture of the written dictation to your class email address.



Spend 20 minutes sharing a story with an adult.



You will need: a pencil and today’s worksheet.

Today you will need to look at the picture on the worksheet and talk with an adult to explain what you can see. Think about adjectives you might use and imaginative phrases that you wish to include.

Write a range of simple and extended sentences about the image. It is important that you remember where your full stops and capital letters go.

Once you have written your sentences, read it aloud to an adult. Then proof read and mark your writing together. Use a different coloured pencil to show the changes that you have made.

Please send a picture of the completed worksheet to your class email address.



You will need: a phone/tablet/laptop.

With an adult, follow the link to the YouTube video:


Take part in the Get Fit with Rick home workout. Ask your adult to join in with you- we think they might enjoy the music! If you can, record how many steps you do whilst completing the work out 😊