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You will need a tablet, computer, laptop or phone for today’s work.

You will need to login to your My Maths portal today.  Your lesson is Yr2 pictograms.  Work through the lesson with your child and then encourage them to complete the online homework independently. 


There is no work to email in today for maths as your teacher will be able to see your online homework.

Remember to collect your booklet from school, for Thursday, if you haven’t already.



You will need the handwriting passage, lined paper and a pencil.

You will need to use lined paper for this activity. If you do not have any lined paper at home, there will be some available for collection in a box by the front door of school.

In your very neatest handwriting, you will copy the handwriting passage from the Snail and the Whale. You will need to think about the formation of your letters, take your time and copy a word at a time.

Ask your adult to send your completed work into school using your class email address.



Read Write Inc:

You will need an iPad/tablet/laptop.

Choose an e-book to read using the below link 




Shared reading for 20 minutes. This can either be a school book or a chosen book from home. You may choose any book and you and your adult can share the story/non-fiction text together.



This week we challenge you to beat the teach at the sock target challenge.


Watch the beat the teacher video. Make your own target using the below equipment:

2 pieces of a4 paper taped together, pencils to draw the circles and write numbers in.

There is no need to colour it or take a long time in creating the target. Collect 5 pairs of socks to start you challenge.

Place your target down then take 6 steps backwards. Throw your pairs of socks one at a time, ask an adult to help you to keep score.

Once you have thrown all of your pairs of socks record the final score and send it to your class email.

Good luck

Still image for this video

Now ask an adult to open the below link for you. Enjoy your yoga lesson.