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Practice Start by practising single Sounds using the RWI Sound Sheet

New sound Focus sound of the day: ou

 For example; todays sound is ou and is said in the same way as in the words –  

Say the rhyme ‘shout it out ’

Follow the link for a short teaching video

Word writing - Adult to sound out the following words and allow time for child to write them down a sound at a time. As follows – sh-ou-t (encourage child to say the sounds as they write them, remember rhymes for each sound, they may help your child. Make sure the double letter sound stays as one sound – do not be tempted to break it down into individual.)





Key words – each day spend some time practising all the key words by reading them or having a go at writing them. Use the sheet with all the words on to help you out.




The old man had lots of help to pull up the turnip. If you had to pull up the turnip who would you ask to help you? Who will help you the most? Think about who would work together to get that big turnip out of the ground!

Write a list of names of who is going to help you. You will need to have 6 people to help you.



Think about the people who you chose to help you pull up the enormous turnip for your English work Who is the tallest? Who is the shortest? Which words would you use to describe the size of each person?

Can you draw a picture to put them in order from biggest to smallest? Make sure your pictures show the different heights of each person helping you.



For your topic today we are going to carry on with work on forces. Have a look and see what toys you have. Look for toys with wheels, balls, scooters, bikes, yoyos etc Find as many different ones as you can.

You can work inside or outside. I would like you to really investigate the forces you use when playing with your toys. What do you use to create the force or to pull the object? Do you use your hands or your feet? What happens if you use a gentle force or a hard force?

We would really like to see some pictures of what you do.