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Practice Start by practising single Sounds using the RWI Sound Sheet or the powerpoint

Reviewing sounds Today and tomorrow we will be practising – ng, nk, qu

Remember the rhymes

ng – ‘thing on a string’

nk – ‘I think you stink’

qu – round her head, up past her earring and down her hair

Practice writing the sounds ng, nk, qu

Follow the links for a short teaching video for each





Word writing - Have a go at writing the following words – a grown-up will need to sound out the words, have a go at writing them down.




Key words – finish off by practising all the key words by reading them or having a go at writing them. Use your sheet from last week or the attached powerpoint.



Think about what you have learnt about the Chinese New Year. Look at the worksheet – can you name all the objects in the pictures? Complete the sentences by sounding out and writing in the words. You can see how many letters there are in each word – one letter for each of the dashes.



We are still thinking about ordinal numbers. On the worksheet you need to show that you understand what ordinal numbers are by colouring the correct animal in the line. Remember to only colour one animal in each line.



For our topic today we are going to design a medal for the rat, the ox and the tiger. You will need a medal for first place for the rat, second place for the ox and third place for the tiger.

You can use the worksheet template or design your own. Try to get a little creative and think about each animal as you decorate their medal. You can draw and colour or use any craft materials that you might have. Maybe you have an empty box, like a cereal box, that you could use to make your medals.

Have fun!

Worksheet – if required.