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Start by practising all sounds we have learnt so far!

Use the powerpoint to work through the sounds. It is important that children practice the sounds at the beginning of each RWI session.


Today we are going to read some words with – oo, or, air. Click on the link for a short video


Even more alien words – remember these are made up words! Ask your grown up to sound out the word, do you know what the alien word is? Can you write it down – then read what you have written.

y-u-p                        m-oo-p                               c-ou-d

l-u-nk                      g-air                                    r-a-n-b                    

Key words – Practice reading key words from the powerpoint given last half term.

Have a go at writing the following words – we are going to practice these everyday … ‘practice makes perfect’! (Ask your adult to read them out for you –

it                    at                         in                        the              me                is




Watch the video below and see how many words you can blend and read.

Now use your sounds to complete the worksheet. Look at the picture to give you clue!



To begin with today use your number cards to practice reading your numbers. Now have a think if you can remember any of the doubles facts we worked on yesterday.

Have a look at the powerpoint – can you help the doubling robot to work out which of the numbers are doubles?


Now use your Robot picture sheet to set up some doubles of your own – you can use the counting objects from yesterday. See how many you can feed him!



For topic today we are going to work on an investigation with ice! There are different ways you can do this but to begin with get a bowl or a cup of water. What can you say about the water? What can you do with it? How do we use it?

(Encourage children to talk bout how water feels; talk about pouring water into other containers, what happens if you spill it – use some paper towel to mop it up; think of as many ways as you can of how we use water.)

We are going to use   new words today – absorb – which is what the water will do with the paper towel; liquid – the state of the water which means we can pour it; and, solid which is what we are going to change the water to by freezing it.

(The aim of the investigation is to study the changes between liquid and solids and then back to liquid.)

There are different ways you can carry out this investigation –

Put some water in any container you have at home – ice cube trays, plastic cups, empty yogurt containers or even balloons.

Use plain water but also experiment with placing different objects into the water – you could add some small toys; leaves/grass/flowers; add some food colouring; add some fruit juice or a small piece of fruit. We will be interested to see your pictures and to see if you think of anything different.

Set these up and place them in the freezer. It’s interesting to check them now and again to see how your ice is forming.

We will leave your ice to become solid and continue your investigation Friday afternoon!