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Part 1 - Spellings: For today’s activity, we will be looking at the sound ‘ur’ that we started looking at on Monday. Watch the video that talks you through the spellings section of this lesson. Join in with the ‘My turn, your turn’ parts of the video and have a go at spelling each of the words asked of you.

Part 2 – Dictation: Once you have got your list of words, ask an adult to read out the following sentences for you to have a go at writing yourself.


The nurse took her purse to church.

A surfer got hurt by a turtle.


Ask your adult to send your completed work into school using your class email address.

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We would like you to watch a story of your choosing today – there are some available on our website on the ‘Listen to a story’ page (several teachers have recorded stories for you to watch). Or you can find many versions of traditional tales and other stories on youtube.

Once you have finished watching talk to someone at home about the story. Can you tell them what the story was called? Can you tell them the author of the story? Can you tell them at least three things that happened in the story? Can you tell them your favourite part of the story?


You will need the ‘Reading comprehension’ sheet.


On the sheet there are two short stories. Read through each one, one at a time. There are four simple questions at the bottom of each story for you to have a go at and answer. Look closely in the text as the answers will be in there somewhere.


Ask your adult to send your completed work into school using your class email address.


Online activity – use the Education City website

Login using your login details and complete the activity that has been set relating to money.


  • Dino Day out


Complete the worksheet that relates to the online activity as well.


Ask your adult to send your completed work into school using you class email address.


PE – Bouncing


Activity 1 - Bounce and Catch - Ask your child to bounce one a large ball off the floor and catch it with two hands. Repeat this 10 times. If they find this easy reduce the size of the ball until your child can catch a tennis ball. Try bouncing and catching with one hand. Is it easier with one hand than the other?


Activity 2 – Bounce into a target – Find a large container, either a bucket, a box or even a washing up bowl! Stand back about 10 steps away from the target and then try to land the ball in the container. The rule is the ball must bounce at least once before it reaches the container. Move closer if it is too difficult or move further away if it is too easy. If it is still too easy try changing the target container to something a little smaller!


Good Luck


Complete your weather diary for today.