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Practice all single sounds

Focus sound of the day: igh

Today’s sound igh is said in the same way as in the words – high and sight.

Say the rhyme ‘fly high?’

Look at your RWI sound sheet – can you find sounds to make words using ‘igh’? (For example – h-igh  … high) Find at least 5 and write each one down.

Here are your 5 words to practice reading and writing today.

mum     dad      big     had     got




Colour the finger puppets and cut them out carefully. Use them to retell the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears.   Start your story with ‘Once upon a time…’



Time to practice your ‘size’ language.

Education city – Sizing up activity.

Follow with Sizing up activity sheet.



Make a new chair for baby bear. Can you draw the type of chair you think Baby Bear would like?

What do you have that you could make the chair from?

You could use empty packet and boxes and get crafty. You could use your favourite construction equipment and get creative. Maybe you have items around the house, (ask a grown up first), that you can use. Whatever you do put your thinking caps on and get designing!