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You will need the ‘igh phoneme roll and read mat’.

We would like you to play a game today. You can play it on your own or you can play against someone at home. If you have a dice then please use this, if not create number cards from 1-6 that you can pull out each time.

Either by yourself or take it in turns, roll the dice (or pull a number). Find the first word next to that number and try to read it. If you get it right cover that word. If you are playing against someone you will need different items to cover the words with. Once all words are covered you can see who got most right.

EXT: try putting some of the words into sentences. Choose a word for each other to put into a sentence. (discussion task only – you do not have to write the sentences down today)


Share a book of your choosing with an adult. Spend 20 minutes reading and discussing what you have read.



You will need the ‘Spider Sandwiches’ lunch sheet.

Listen to the video that talks you through the second section of the story ‘Spider Sandwiches’ by Clare Freedman. It will explain to you the kinds of ‘disgusting’ food Max the monster liked to have at lunchtime.

Complete your own food ideas that you think Max would like for lunch. Write 2 sentences to describe two different foods he might like to eat and then write a further sentence to describe a drink he might like. (3 sentences in total)

Ask your adult to send your completed work into school using your class email address.


Spider sandwiches part 2

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You will need the 2 times table activity sheet. Don’t worry if you can’t print the sheet, you can copy one calculation at a time and answer it just as you would from the white board at school.

Watch the counting in 2s song again to remind yourself of how we count up in 2s.

On your worksheet, count in 2s and colour the numbers on the grid that you say. For solving the times table calculations we would like you to try and solve these mentally (just using your fingers to support). For example to help solve 4 x 2 = we want you to see this as 4 lots of 2. Hold up 4 fingers and then count in 2s for each finger you have up = 2, 4, 6, 8. Your answer will be 8.

 Do the same for each calculation. Work out how many ‘lots of 2’ you need and hold up that many fingers. Then count in 2s to find your answer.

Ask your adult to send your completed work into school using your class email address.


Counting in 2s

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PE – Tea towel challenge

‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes fun Teatowel challenge!’

Grab yourself a teatowel! You need to throw the teatowel up in the air..before it comes down and you try to catch it you must touch your head, shoulder, knees and toes. Count how many times you complete the challenge and catch the teatowel in 2 minutes? However, if you drop the teatowel or fail to catch it you must do 5 star jumps before your next go.

Challenge everyone in your family to have a go..who can do it the most times?

Good luck!