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Task 1:

You will need the speed challenge sheet, a pencil and a 1-minute timer.

Complete the next set of 10 addition and subtraction calculations.  Did you do better than yesterday?


Task 2:

You will need a tablet, computer, laptop or phone for today’s work.

You will need to login to your My Maths portal again today.  Your lesson is Yr2 Introducing data.  Just as yesterday, work through the lesson with your child and then encourage them to complete the online homework independently. 


There is no work to email in today for maths as your teacher will be able to see your online homework.

English – Wednesday

You will need: A laptop/tablet/phone, a pencil and the adjectives sheet.

What are adjectives?


Today we will be learning about adjectives. We will find out what they are and how they are used in writing.

Watch the adjectives video.

Read through the adjectives power point to find out what a adjective is.

Once you have finished complete the adjectives sheet.


Ask your adult to send a picture of your beginning to your class email address.



Still image for this video

English – Reading

With an adult and a book of your choosing, spend 20 minutes and see if you can identify any adjectives in the book.

RWI Sound work:

Recap set 1, 2 and 3 sounds. Use the words that you wrote on Monday and put these into sentences.

Design Technology/Music - Wednesday

You will need: laptop/tablet/phone, a pencil and the musical instrument design sheet

This week we have listened to and started to learn some of the Julia Donaldson songs. We would like you to design a musical instrument to make at home on Thursday and use when performing your chosen song. You will need to complete the materials list to state what you will need to make your instrument. You can only use items you have at home to make the instrument for example: plastic bottles, tins, cardboard tubes, elastic bands, rice, peas etc.

You could get some inspiration from the below link if you are struggling.

This can be emailed on Friday once you have made, performed and evaluated your instrument.