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Practice Start by practising single Sounds using the RWI Sound Sheet

New sound Focus sound of the day: ar

For example; todays sound is ar  and is said in the same way as in the words – far and cart.

Say the rhyme ‘start the car’

Follow the link for a short teaching video

Word writing – As yesterday -adult to sound out the following words and allow time for child to write them down a sound at a time. As follows – b-ar-k (encourage child to say the sounds as they write them, remember rhymes for each sound, they may help your child. Make sure the middle sound stays as one sound – do not be tempted to break it down.)




Key words to learn to read and practice writing today are:


             but    of   off    into




Yesterday you made a troll. Have a look at your troll – can you describe what he looks like? Is he a scary troll? What colour is he? What does he like to do?

Can you describe your troll?

Write sentences that start with ‘My troll …



Have you heard the word ‘pair’ before? It means when there are two of something. An example would be a pair of shoes. Can you think of any other pairs? Draw pictures of things that you can think of and have a go at labelling them.



Make a troll proof bridge!

Another practical activity today! Can you make a better bridge for the trolls to cross the river? How can you make it safe for the goats so that the troll can not get to them and they can cross safely to the field!

You can use anything you have at home, including any construction equipment like duplo, lego wooden blocks etc. How will it stop the troll from getting to the goats?

Look at the picture of the different bridges from around the world. What do you think your bridge will look like?

Additional activity – Make the stick puppets so that you can act out the story.