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As a class we have been writing our own stories.

The Mermaid. 

Long, long ago there was a mermaid. She was called Ellabella. One day she found a magic shell. Inside there was a mirror. She swam into the mirror. She was in the land of fish.  She saw a boat and she climbed into it. There was treasure in the boat.  She stole the treasure and took it back to her house. The pirates and said “Where is all the treasure?” “Sorry” said the mermaid. She gave them back the treasure. The pirates gave her some treasure to keep. 

The Unicorn

Once upon a time there was a unicorn. It was up on a big stony hill. The unicorn was in trouble. It had climbed to the top of the hill but it could not get back down. It was sad because it missed its friend. A boy called Ben was in the fields. He saw the unicorn and climbed up the stony hill. He got a rope and tied it to the unicorn. An elf helped Ben take the unicorn to safety. The unicorn said thank you and went home.