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W/C 30.3.20

Dear Parents                                                                                                                                       30.3.20

Welcome to another week! We hope you are all well and that everyone is adjusting to their new routines. Attached you will find this week’s work for your child. Please try and complete as much as you can and send photos via email of any completed work at the end of the week.

Keeping in touch – please use this email address to maintain contact with us. It can be used not just to return work but also to get in touch if you have any queries. Additionally, we are making weekly phone calls. These calls are purely to touch base and keep our contact with you.  We had difficulty getting hold of some families last week and ask that if you didn’t receive a call could you email us with the best number to get hold of you during the day. These calls take place, mostly, on a Wednesday and will come up as ‘No Caller ID.’ Please take the call for a quick catch up.


This week’s activities



  1. Follow the instructions on the sheet and encourage your child to complete the activity by writing about the picture. Children are used to writing on lines and this is preferable as it helps to form letters correctly and gain control over size. A 1 cm gap between lines is preferable – encourage children to position letters correctly.
  2. Formation practice – children to practice the correct formation for each letter. Please look at the phonics sheets from last week for correct formation.


  1. assessment – this is an assessment of the children’s addition and subtraction skills. They have been taught how to do this practically by selecting the correct number of counters – again this can be anything that you have at home, to find the answer. Some children prefer to use their fingers or count on or back to find the answer.
  2. Play a number game – this can be a game you have at home, an online game or maybe you can make one up – as long as it involves practising using numbers

Investigation – dissolving challenge – use anything you have in the house. This doesn’t need to be recorded but pictures would be good.

Challenge – a little challenge to tickle your taste buds!

Reading – Please continue with reading with a short burst daily where possible. Look at the phonics sheets sent home for your child last week – this will give you some idea of the sounds that your child should know if you are looking for alternative books. A good website is Oxford Owl – click onto the ‘owl for home’; you will need to register but it is a free site and they are constantly uploading new material to support parents with home learning. There are a range of ebooks that are linked to the age and stage of the children, please look for books that are a similar level to the ones your child brings home from school. There are also links to help you with supporting phonics development.

Phonics -  Again use the sheet that was sent out last week. On a daily basis check your child knows the sounds and work more on any that they struggle with. Give your child Simple words using these sounds – are they able to write them down correctly?

There are also links on the oxford owl site to help you with supporting phonics development.

Topic -1. Easter challenge. Choose some of the activities to have a go at.

2.Can you find out anything about Easter? What do you think of when you think about Easter?

3. Decorate an Easter egg - either print of a patterned or plain egg template or draw your own.


Take care, stay safe and please say hi to the children for us


Mrs Boddington and Mrs Hassan