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Home learning wc 30.03.20

Year One Learning – 30th March – 3rd April

Here is the learning for this week



Activity 1

LI: count in steps of 2; solve multiplication problems within the 2 times table

Activity 2

LI: count in steps of 10; solve multiplication problems within the 10 times table

Activity 3

LI: count in steps of 5; solve multiplication problems within the 5 times table

For each of these three activities there are powerpoints attached to use as a starting point and a guide for counting in steps of 2, 5 or 10. Try to practise counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10 as much as you can – we want you to feel confident when counting like this.

Remember to use this skill of counting in steps of 2, 5, and 10 to help answer your multiplication questions.

Eg 4 x 2 =              identify how many lots of 2 you need = 4, put up four fingers, then count in steps of 2 on each finger = 2, 4, 6, 8!


You can also use an array (picture representation) to help solve the problems if you want.

Eg 4 x 2 =              this tells me I need 4 lots of 2, therefore I draw 4 lots of 2 dots, Count in 2s to find the total.



Have a go at the multiplication wheels as well. Multiply the outer number by the centre number and record the answer in the extreme outer ring.


Also don’t forget to have a look on MyMaths at the introduction to multiplication section for some further activities on counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10:



  • If you haven’t had chance to get on MyMaths yet, then please try to do so this week.


  • There are homework activities that I have set which can be accessed using the school login and then your own individual portal login. Remember these are due in this Friday.

You can also access MyMaths activities at any time using just the school login. There are lessons linked to many areas of Maths and the children can work on these independently or with your support.



Activity 1 - handwriting

LI: form letters correctly

We spend a lot of time practising and improving the formation of our letters.

Focus letters for this week – b, h, m, n, r

Practise each of these letters along one line in your books/on lined paper. Leave a finger space between each attempt at the letter.

Then do the same with the capital/upper case version of each letter – B, H, M, N, R

Next practise the letters alongside each other so that children continue to see the difference in the size of upper and lower case letters – bB, hH, mM, nN, rR

Encourage children to repeat any letters they are finding difficult.

These pictures may help:






Activity 2 – punctuation

We know how important it is to use the correct punctuation in the sentences we write. On the worksheet attached, I have given you some sentences that are missing the punctuation. Please rewrite these sentences and add the correct punctuation back in the right places so that the sentence is complete. Remember we use capital letters to begin each sentence, but we should also use a capital letter for people’s names (including I), places and days of the week/months of the year. Don’t forget to put that full stop at the end of each one (be careful though as some sentences may need a question mark!).



Activity 3 – diaries - Springtime

This last week, as the weather has been kind to us, please write something about the season of Spring and the signs around us that tell us its Spring. Think about the weather itself, the changes in the trees and plantlife around us as well as the new animal life we see at this time of year. In you sentences think as well about giving your opinion on Spring – do you like/dislike the season? Give your reasons why as well.

As with all written tasks, remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in all your sentences.




Scavenger Hunts!

  1. Nature scavenger hunt – attached is an idea for a scavenger hunt outside. If you are able to get outside and go for a walk then have a go at finding some of the things on the scavenger hunt. If you find flowers, leaves or bugs try to name them all as well.
  2. At home scavenger hunt – this hunt is linked to using our senses and our understanding of materials and what things are made of. Search the house and see what you can find that match each of the instructions.


Remember to send any photos of your work back to our class email address by Friday 3rd April.


Have fun everyone!


Other useful links

PE with Joe Wicks – Everyday at 9am


English with David Walliams – Elevenses (11am everyday – listen to an audiobook)


Daily RWI lessons

Set 1 sounds – 9:30 am everyday on youtube

Set 2 sounds – 10am everyday on youtube

Set 3 sounds – 10:30am everyday on youtube

There is more information on these sessions on our class website page under the reading tab in home learning. Each lesson is only live for 24 hours.


Sing a song each day using Out of the Ark music, just like our singing assemblies at school.


Improve your maths skills with Carol Vorderman.


Improve your phonics by playing some games.


Why not finish the day listening to another story.